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level-0-outside-view1.Base User - Level 0 - Initial Look - when you come to the page you see only the homepage - It is pushing you to sign up if you would like further access - Once signed up and in there is access to six pages which will give all of the information needed about the Mall/Property/leasing plans that are available - This is all a funnel for the License application which is submitted to smart sheet and asks for further information as to what level you would like - This is the first/contact really - Views: Front - six pages - straight forward Back - good here - they can get back into the dashboard - you must go back there for the changing of the avatar if that is what you would like

level-1-inside-view2. Retail Client - Level 1 - One of the leasing reps or the mall admin must manually push you to level 1 or higher - Once logged into the level one page you have access to further parts of the site - most notably the documents and the sales reporting deal - they are able to edit their avatars

leasing-rep-inside-view3. Leasing Rep - Level 4 - ability here to add to the available leasing spaces - and to add/edit delete users that are below their levels

mall-admin-inside-view4. Mall Admin - Level 5 - Able to edit all content - posts and pages - but also with the ability to change/alter/delete and add new users of all levels.