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Signing Up For The Spark/MDIS


The Spark MDIS is a fully protected membership based CMS/Website. The Spark does have some content available to the general public, but the majority of it is protected. The normal Spark build is going to have a sign up form integrated in the main home or landing page. There is also naturally a stand alone sign up page as well.

The Spark is auto set to accept new members and set them to Subscriber Level #0. This will give the user access to some content, and allows the admins to set the user to the appropriate user level once the time is right. If you are the user waiting for further access and have not received it the contact information will be a part of the content you have access to.


On the admin side there may be more than one person that can have the privileges to edit user accounts. The idea in the beginning is that more than likely the leasing rep or corporate manager will monitor and edit the accounts. They will need to be pushed to Level #1 aka Retail Client. At that level they will have access to merchant handbook, the sales reporting interface and so on.

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Out of the box we have it set to allow first time users to create an account and choose their own password. The only reason you would defer from that where if you wanted to confirm their email account. If so you would set it to auto generate a password which was emailed to the user, then they would have to check their email to gain access. (This was changed within S2Member ->general->Registration/Profile Fields - )

Video Tutorials

Normal User Sign Up

Admin - Change User from Level #0 to Appropriate Level

DDCM - Sign Up

(Slight Differences to MDIS)

The only real differences currently between the DDCM and the MDIS are userlevels (MDIS has 6 - DDCM has 8 - Labeled different with slightly different user abilities) - and The MDIS design integrates the Login/Sign Up page with the home page, and the DDCM redirects you to the Membership Options Page if you attempt to access protected information. The following info could be slightly different than your custom build. If you need further support please send your question here:

Step #1 - Membership Options Page

1membershipOptionsPageCurrently with the DDCM we are going to have the following set-up. Within the DDCM all main navigation is still enabled. If you attempt to access protected information you will be redirected to the membership options page. From there you will need to Sign Up or Sign In.

Step #2 - Sign Up Form

2registrationFormThe sign up form is straight forward. We have the ability to change this however the client would like. The standard build we are using for the DDCM uses this format, which is going to ask your username, email, password, first and last names and user level desired. (a simple change here is to force auto-generated password which would verify the email address.) - Although this asks email address, it could be faked as there is no click within an email to set up your account.

Step #3 - Confirmation Email

2.5.ConfirmationEmailOnce your account is created you will be emailed a message with your credentials. (If you have auto-generated passwords you would need this to log in the first time). This is fully customizable and can be configured according to the client's specifications.

Step #4 - Login Screen

3loginScreenThe login screen is very similar to the sign up screen. Once sign up you have the ability to use your username or email address and password to access the site.

Step #5 - Account Page

4AccountPageOnce you log in, you will be either directed to a normal account page where you can change your password and so on, or you can be directed to specific content according to the user level. This is customizable and will more than likely be different from client to client.

Step #6 - Editing your account

6EditProfileAt any time that your are logged in you have the ability to make changes to your user account. Common changes are email address, password, avatar and other information about yourself. To make changes click in the upper right hand corner of your screen to get into your account edit screen.

New User - Auto Sign Up User Level#0

7FreeSubscriberOut of the box the MDIS or the DDCM is going to allow auto-sign up at user level #0 (Base User Level #0 - Free Subscriber) - At that point they will have limited access to information. This is customizable and will be different per client.

Admin must upgrade account to appropriate User Level

8ChangeUserLevelAdmin must upgrade account to appropriate User Level. Go into your dashboard, within the left hand navigation you will see users > all users. Go into there and search the list for the email account or username of a specific user. Once you have clicked in scroll down and change the User Role with the drop down menu. Be sure to Update the User at the bottom of the page to save.

Update User Button at the bottom of the edit user screen


If you have any questions please email: